MicroMax MxVDev

MicroMax MxVDev 3.34

Tests and debugs programs created with Visual C++
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Create complex test scenarios with either sequential or concurrent execution, reuse test parts for scenarios, batablocks, transitions, etc. and test the input and execution of your code.

Mx-VDev is used to capture requirements as test cases and verify that the requirements have been met.
Use Mx-VDev™ to test a model, software-in-the-loop implementation, or a target on a HIL tester.
Building block test cases allow you top build complex test scenarios, with sequential and concurrent execution.
Maintain complex test suites by presenting the test cases in a graphical, easy-to-understand representation.
The Mx-VDev™ building block approach to creating test vectors enables you to reuse tests or parts of tests at many levels (Scenarios, Test Cases, Signals, BataBlocks, Transitions)

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